Free Monthly Beef Pickup in Omaha: Say Goodbye to Shipping Charges!

Did you know that Loup River Steaks offers a fantastic opportunity for Omaha residents to enjoy top-quality beef without the added cost of shipping? That’s right, we deliver to a convenient pickup location in Elkhorn, Omaha, NE, completely free of charge, every first Thursday of the month. This unique service not only provides you with access to premium beef selections but also allows you to save on those pesky shipping charges.

Imagine the convenience of scheduling your beef pickup once a month, knowing that you’re getting the finest cuts without the extra expense. Our Elkhorn location is strategically chosen to make pickups as convenient as possible for you. Whether you’re planning a family barbecue, a special dinner, or just stocking up your freezer, Loup River Steaks ensures that your beef needs are covered. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds – premium quality beef and savings on shipping. Mark your calendar for the first Thursday of every month and make your way to our Elkhorn pickup location. Save the date, save on shipping, and savor the flavor of Loup River Steaks!