Gourmet Steaks

Nebraska Beef: From Grass-Fed Angus to Gourmet Steaks

Ordering steak from Loup River Beef has never been easier! Get your local Nebraska beef premium cuts from our farm to your table.

Located in the heart of America’s Plains, Nebraska is renowned for its exceptional beef quality. At Loup River Steaks, this legacy is honored with every cut of their artisan Black Angus beef. But what makes Nebraska beef stand out? The answer lies in the state’s vast pastures and expert ranching practices. Nebraska’s cattle outnumber its residents nearly four to one, reflecting a deep-rooted tradition in quality beef production. Ordering steaks from Nebraska, especially Loup River Beef, a fifth-generation family farm, epitomizes this tradition with its naturally-raised, grass-fed, and grain-finished beef.

How do you order gourmet steaks right to your home?

Loup River Steaks, the online steak website for Loup River Beef, now brings you gourmet steakhouse quality beef right to your table. Order steaks that are wet-aged, matured for 26 days, ensuring a melt-in-your-mouth tenderness and robust flavor that’s simply unmatched. Order from our website and customize your order to bundle your favorite steak or beef cuts, filet mignon, ribeye, or artisan Black Angus burgers and many more.

Steak Bundles: Our steak and beef bundles offer a convenient way to enjoy these premium cuts regularly. With weekly drop off in Norfolk, Nebraska at Uncle Jarrol’s and other locations, Loup River Beef has made it convenient for local beef delivery and pickup for area residents.

Order individual cuts from the website: And for those special occasions, our steak bundles and gift options are perfect for that last-minute steak or beef gift delivered right to your door or your loved ones. If you prefer purchasing without bundling, you can order directly from our website, and we deliver directly to your door, or you can also choose to pick up at one of the convenient locations we offer.

Whether you prefer to bundle your favorite cuts or order individual selections, we offer convenient delivery and pickup options. For more information, please visit our online steak ordering page or contact us today.