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Our Practices

We are not the biggest ranch, but we do want to be the best.

Our land is part of our heritage that we leave for generations to come. We want the land to be better than when we found it. We implement a variety of practices that ensure we are good land stewards. Some of those practices are rotational grazing, no-till, managing the biodiversity of our land, and integrative pest management.

Our next priority is ensuring our cattle are healthy and cared for. Our cattle are hormone-free Black Angus Artisian cattle born and raised on the open range of the Nebraska Sandhills and then finished on a high-quality corn-based ration produced at our farm in Northeast Nebraska.

We are a no-source operation, meaning we are a part of every aspect of these animals’ lives. They are born, raised, finished, and locally marketed to our surrounding communities. We believe it is essential for our consumers to know exactly where their beef comes from and how they were raised.
We also think that doing something right takes time. That is why Loup River Beef is aged for 28 days! This process takes extra time and results in less product, but it’s worth it in tenderness and flavor. Taste the difference for yourself!