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Our Story

Villwok family farm

The Family Farm: From Omaha to Randolph, Nebraska

Our family comes from a long line of agriculturists, starting when the first Villwoks left Gramenz, Pommern, Germany, in 1875. The homestead was built in 1885 by Fritz Villwok, our forefather. It was as simple as traveling them down Dodge Street to the Omaha stockyards when it came time to sell the cattle.

The homestead is now the Methodist Hospitable area of 189th and West Dodge Rd in Omaha, Nebraska. From there, the Villwoks spread out throughout the center of the United States. However, it wasn’t until several generations was the present-day Villwok farm established. In 1938 our great-grandpa Harlen Stevens purchased the farm in Randolph, Nebraska, and passed it down to our grandpa Gerald Stevens in 1959. In 2006, we took over the family farm.

The family farm is now a 5th generation operation and one day will become a 6th generation family farm with our children continuing the tradition. Our crew contains all family members at the time, which is not likely the case on the modern-day farm, but we enjoy working alongside the people we love. Being in agriculture has been a part of our family since the beginning, and we couldn’t think of a better lifestyle and career. It is a true blessing to do what we love and have the privilege of living in this wonderful country.

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