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Artisan Beef Bundle (30 lb.)

Artisan Beef Bundle (30 lb.)





Inclusions: 2 (16oz) Ribeye Steaks, 2 (12oz) New York Steaks, 2 (8oz) Sirloin Steaks, 1 (8oz) Tenderloin Filet Steak, 2 (8oz) Denver Steak, 1 (8oz) Cap Sirloin Steak, 1 (8oz) Chuck Eye Steak, 2 (8oz) Sirloin Flap ( fajita meat), 1 (1 lb.) Steak Tip, 1 (2 lb) Packages of Bone-In Ribs, 1 (2lb) Brisket, 2 (2lb) Roasts, 11 (1lb) Gourmet Ground Hamburger, and 12 (5.33oz) Hamburger Patties

Thirty pounds of Nebraska home-raised beef what’s not to lose? Our beef is born and raised in the great Nebraska sandhills and then finished on a high-quality corn-based ration in Northeast Nebraska. Our family enjoys being a part of every aspect of these animals’ lives from start to finish. We believe that doing something right takes time, and raising cattle is no exception. To fit everyone’s diverse family, we offer as many different beef bundle sizes as possible.

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