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Sirloin Ball Tip Steak

Sirloin Ball Tip Steak


This 8 ounce versatile steak is a great one to have on hand when you need some quick, easy, and cheap meals. With this steak you can appreciate affordability and flavor with every bite.




The Sirloin Ball Tip Steak is a hidden gem in the world of steaks. You can appreciate the quality and affordability with every bite. The Ball Tip, cut from the bottom of the sirloin subprimal, offers a lean, flavorful experience ideal for various cooking methods. It is best used sliced up and put in your stews or braised. Throw it in the pressure cooker all day and have a super easy meal. You can also marinate it and grill it up. The lean texture absorbs flavors beautifully, allowing you to experiment with different marinates to create a personal eating experience. Additionally, this cut of steak works great for your diet plans; the leanness of the steak cut and the great flavor make a delicious, healthy protein source that is affordable.

What makes us different

What makes our Loup River Steaks different from others? It’s our motto, “Quality Over Quantity”. Our steaks are aged over 30 days, creating a steak with more flavor and tenderness. Our Sirloin Bal Tip Steaks are also carefully selected, and only the most uniform and perfect cuts are sold under the Loup River Beef name. You may also be getting a prime Sirloin Ball Tip Steak for the price of choice. All of our beef is graded choice and higher and we do not upcharge our primes. Next, our steaks are hand-trimmed for optimum eating experience and flash frozen to lock in flavor and nutritional benefits. Then delivered directly to your door.

How To cook your Sirloin Ball Tip Steak

Want to know the best way to cook your Sirloin Ball Tip Steak so it comes out better than your steakhouse? Check out our Steak Cooking Chart where you can learn some grilling tips that are going to make you become the chef. If you are looking for a recipe for your Sirloin Ball Tip steak, head on over to for several great options. Happy grilling!
  • Loup River Beef is grass-raised, grain-finished, and aged 30+ days to ensure maximum tenderness and flavor. Then flash-frozen to lock in flavor and nutritional benefits. In addition, to guarantee freshness all of our beef cuts are individually packaged and vacuum-sealed 


SIZE                                                          8 oz.

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