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Holiday Bundle (30 lb.)

Holiday Bundle (30 lb.)





Inclusions: 2 (16oz) Ribeyes, 2 (12oz) New Yorks, 2 (8oz) Denver, 2 (8oz) Sirloins, 2 (8oz) Filet Mignons, 2 (8oz) Chuck eye Steak,2 (8oz) Cap Sirloins,  2 (8oz) Sirloin Flap( Fajita Meat ), 1 pkg. Steak tips, 1 (2lb) Brisket, 2 (2lb) Roast, 1 (2lb) Chuck Short Ribs, 12 (5.33oz) Steakhouse Patties, 8 (1lb) Ground Hamburger 

Loup River Beef now offers the perfect bundle for the holidays. Gift your loved ones with a package of some of Nebraska’s finest beef. We offer pickup locations, convenient delivery, and shipping to all 50 states.

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