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New York Strip Steak

New York Strip Steak


This ultimate griller steak and steakhouse special is 1 inch thick and 12 oz of bold and irresistible flavor. Put our New York Strip Steak on your grill next.




Our New York Strip Steak is worthy of any steakhouse or grill night at home. The New York is cut from the center of the short loin and, with precise hand trimming, creates a well-balanced steak cut. This 12 oz hunk of meat is the perfect balance for those who desire steak with a notable degree of tenderness but without sacrificing a substantial beefy flavor that comes from a well-aged cut. In this cut, the marbling doesn’t overpower the natural flavor; it has just enough fat to enhance the taste of the steak’s juiciness. The New York Strip Steak is in between the filet mignon and the ribeye. It is a happy medium with a very uniform texture throughout the steak.

The New York Strip steak has a long history of being a steakhouse special. It began in New York, a hint of the name. It started as a steakhouse favorite and is still today. The New York Strip Steak may not be the tenderness, but it is still a delicious eating experience with a great bite and solid chew. The New York is the ultimate griller steak, with bold, tender, and intense flavors. Buy it today to have the best New York Steak.

What makes us different

What makes our Loup River Steaks different from others? It’s our motto, “Quality Over Quantity”. Our steaks are aged over 30 days creating a steak that has more flavor and tenderness. Our New York Strip Steaks are also carefully selected, and only the most uniform and perfect cuts are sold under the Loup River Beef name. You may also be getting a prime New York Strip Steak for the price of choice. All of our beef is graded choice and higher and we do not upcharge our primes. Next, our steaks are hand-trimmed for optimum eating experience and flash frozen to lock in flavor and nutritional benefits. Then delivered directly to your door.

How To cook your New York Strip steak

Want to know the best way to cook your New York Strip Steak so it comes out better than your steakhouse? Check out our Steak Cooking Chart where you can learn some grilling tips that are going to make you become the chef. If you are looking for a recipe for your New York steak, head on over to  for several great options. Happy grilling!
  • Loup River Beef is grass-raised, grain-finished, and aged 30+ days to ensure maximum tenderness and flavor. Then flash-frozen to lock in flavor and nutritional benefits. In addition, to guarantee freshness all of our beef cuts are individually packaged and vacuum-sealed 


SIZE                                                         12 oz.

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