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Shop steak bundles, the best hand-cut, fresh, quality steak in Nebraska! Steak orders processed daily to ensure you receive only the freshest mail order steak. Enjoy gourmet steakhouse or restaurant quality steaks at home. Whether you’re looking for a tender filet mignon or a flavorful ribeye, the steak and beef individual cuts option allows you to easily select the cut of meat of your choice. Sign up for steak subscriptions and save!

Individual Steak & Beef Cuts

Our Artisan Gourmet beef is wet-aged for 30 days to ensure maximum tenderness and flavor and flash-frozen to lock in flavor and nutritional benefits.

Steak Bundles

Bundles are a great way to save some money and time. Let us do the shopping for you and create the perfect bundle for your occasion.

Steak & Beef Subscriptions

Subscriptions are another great way to save money and time. We offer great subscription deals that will be delivered to your doorstep.

Buy Steak or Artisan Black Angus Beef from Nebraska

Buying steak from us and you are buying steak directly from a local Nebraska beef producer. Shop Loup River Beef for steak & beef cuts at a convenient price. Find the steak or perfect cut of beef for your next meal. Whether you’re looking for a tender filet mignon or a flavorful ribeye, this option allows you to easily navigate and select the cut of meat that will best suit your needs. Nebraska Ranchers know what a great steak tastes like. Steak that is naturally-raised, grass-raised and grain-finished, Artisan Black Angus beef. Steak that is shipped in the mail immediately the Monday after you order your steak online. Steaks that are flash frozen and sealed immediately after the steak is cut to preserve the quality and freshness of your steak order.

Not Just Steaks: Black Angus Burgers & more!

A sizzling and juicy steak, perfectly cooked to your liking, is a delicious indulgence that satisfies your taste buds like no other. However, if you want more than just steak, we have high-quality beef too! In Nebraska, steak is king. But Black Angus Burgers are a great substitute for any backyard grill out. Nebraska is known worldwide for exceptional quality beef. Our burgers are tender and juicy! Why is Nebraska steak and beef so good? Nebraska has the best beef producers in the country because raising beef is what we do for a living! According to the Nebraska Beef Council, cattle in Nebraska outnumber Nebraskans nearly four to one. In short, Nebraska ranchers and Loup River Beef raise cattle in a safe, humane, and environmentally sustainable way. Ranching is a family business, and we take our jobs seriously. The result is high-quality beef that is very nutritious and very good to eat. A good Nebraska steak, roast, or ground beef is flavorful and healthy. Our cattle are humanely raised and grass-fed. Caring for our cattle in the way we do makes our steak, above all else, the best available. We work to improve everything we do to bring the best quality beef from our pasture to your plate. The result is high-quality beef for consumers in America and around the world.

The Best Black Angus Burgers & High-Quality Meats

Indulge in exquisite Black Angus burgers and savor premium cuts of meat, guaranteed to satisfy your cravings for top-notch culinary meals at home. Loup River Beef is a ranch producing Artisan Gourmet beef, wet-aged for 26 days to ensure maximum tenderness and flavor and flash-frozen to lock in flavor and nutritional benefits. In addition, all of our beef cuts are individually packaged and vacuum-sealed to guarantee freshness. All of Loup River Beef is Black Angus and grassed raised and gain finished allowing it to have the perfect lean to fat ratio. We offer a large variety of cuts varying from steaks, roasts, hamburgers, and specialty items.

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Special occasion calls for the perfect steak. Special occasion calls for the perfect steak. For more information about our mail order steaks and beef or to find out about our Shipping or Return policy.

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About Us

Loup River Beef is a fifth-generation family farm and ranch located in Randolph and Dunning, NE. We are blessed to have the opportunity to work with our family every day. Our naturally-raised Black Angus beef is born and backgrounded on our ranch in the beautiful Nebraska Sandhills. To learn more about our story, click below.

What We Do

We are a small family farm and ranch that raises Artisan Black Angus cattle that are grass-raised grain-finished. We are a no-source operation, meaning we are a part of every aspect of our animal’s lives. Our cattle are born, raised, finished, processed, and marketed to our local communities and surrounding areas.

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Do you have some questions or comments? Do you want to know where we are located? Head on over to our contact page for more information or to reach out to us through our contact form. We are happy to help and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your ongoing support of Loup River Beef!